In a place where the time seems to be still, an idea comes to life treasuring the tradition and the experience. That’s how the Antica Maccheroneria is born.

The charm and the mastery of the ancient equipments, and of who knows very well this kind of job, meet the desire to give all the warmth of a product, which brings itself value and quality.

The knowledge, the story and the experience to hand down, are the base of the business spirit and the polyhedric soul of the company team. The enthusiasm of all of us is the glue between the forces and expertise that come together in an idea that takes shape and arrives to your table.

To make this dream come true, we have decided to renew an equipment which has on the shoulders the weight of 100 years of activity, we gave it a new life and we have respected it, then we have followed the ancient recipes, times and methods which have made the our tradition great.

Give to an ancient equipment a proper technologic support, it’s been a fundamental step to look toward news frontier, far away horizonts and to the ambition of those who believe into the excellence and in authentic flavors.

The bronze drawing, the soft and long drying at low temperatures tell us the story of the Antica Maccheroneria. The flavor, the fragrance, the taste, the color of the product, brings in the world a message, a philosophy, an experience and a promise of quality.

Trafilata in bronzo

I tempi giusti, la trafilatura in bronzo, l'asciugatura lunga e delicata a bassa temperatura, se la pasta potesse parlare racconterebbe di un viaggio cominciato molto prima per arrivare orgogliosamente a soddisfare i palati di tutto il mondo con un'eccellenza Made in Italy.

Scopri la trafilatura in bronzo