Each step of the production is a moment of love for the land, the good food, the quality and for the never ending desire of not losing any wise and handed down ancient advice.

The right times, the bronze drawing, the long and soft drying with low temperatures, if the pasta might speak, it would tell about a journey begun long time ago to proudly arrive and satisfy the palates of the whole world with the Made in Italy excellence.

The long rows of Senatore Cappelli, the durum wheat from which our pasta born, draws the cultivated land and, above all, they characterize the quality of the product with high percentage of lipid, amino acid, minerals and vitamins.

The qualitative values, balance and attention to the proportion of the raw materials offer a unique pasta highly digestible.

From the threshing of June and July, the journey of the high durum wheat plants (about 1.80 cm) is just beginning. The road is still so long and rich of steps and processes which see the past meet the innovation and vice versa in a perfect harmony.

Food security is a responsibility that can be ensured through the combined efforts of all figures involved in the agro-food chain: in fact, since human health hazards arising from food consumption can be introduced at every level of the supply chain, it is the control of each stage is indispensable.

The "ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems" certificate, of which Ancient Maccheroneria is in possession, defines the requirements for the design and application of a food safety management system in every company in the agri-food chain and is intended to Harmonize internationally the various voluntary standards developed in national areas for food safety development and management through the HACCP method.

The Antica Maccheroneria Pasta is made of durum wheat semolina and brings itself the fragrance of the passion, it is colored by the sun and has the shape of the wise tradition.

Trafilata in bronzo

I tempi giusti, la trafilatura in bronzo, l'asciugatura lunga e delicata a bassa temperatura, se la pasta potesse parlare racconterebbe di un viaggio cominciato molto prima per arrivare orgogliosamente a soddisfare i palati di tutto il mondo con un'eccellenza Made in Italy.

Scopri la trafilatura in bronzo