The Fortress

Lying down at the rock’s feet in the middle of a wide valley, Rocca San Felice rises up as a suggestive scenario and rich of memory, a perfect place where to start a new story.

Castelllum Sancti felicis , is the latin name by which the area was called and it is situated on a high ground which is surrounded by Forucuso, Porrara and Serra Marcolapone mountains.

The area was born as fortress, and it still keeps unvaried its typical medieval look, with narrow streets and local stones. The origins date back to 850, when the fortress used to be a strategic point to monitor the borders of the principality of Benevento city. Only in 1037, the feud was controlled by a lord that, thanks to different works of expansion, turned it into a castel. Following there were the Normans, the Angevins up to Giovan Francesco Capobianco who kept the feud for long time, before of insurgency of the feudal epoch, in the 1806.

Rocca San Felice is a historic place, and some legends tells us about a beautiful white dame, Margherita d’ Austria, who gets around between the walls of the ancient fortress during full moon nights, looking for his loved( Enrico VII di Germania), which was imprisoned from his father for betraying him, and dead by suicide in these lands.

Today the silence and charm inhabit the streets of the village , where walking around you can still see picturesque views and unique scenarios that revolve around the secular linden in the middle of the town, planted during the Neapolitan revolution as symbol of freedom.

We have chosen Rocca San Felice to tell our story, for the air you can breathe, for the land and the nice weather, perferct for the quality of our hill wheat. The passion for the simple things, for the authentic flavors can only come to life thanks to the heritage that our lands has preserved

Trafilata in bronzo

I tempi giusti, la trafilatura in bronzo, l'asciugatura lunga e delicata a bassa temperatura, se la pasta potesse parlare racconterebbe di un viaggio cominciato molto prima per arrivare orgogliosamente a soddisfare i palati di tutto il mondo con un'eccellenza Made in Italy.

Scopri la trafilatura in bronzo